For Patients & Families

Choosing a facility to provide care for your ill or injured child is not a decision to be made lightly. To help you understand more about Hoops Family Children's Hospital, our philosophy and the level of care we offer, here are our guiding commitments:

Family-Centered Care

The staff of Hoops Family Children's Hospital practices patient and family-centered care. This philosophy recognizes that the family knows the child best, and they are the experts on the child’s needs. We acknowledge and address the family's concerns, beliefs, opinions and feelings and include you in your child's care and the decision-making process at whatever level you choose. Your expertise as parents improves the quality and safety of your child's care as we work together to make informed decisions about the services and support your child receives.

Quality and Safety

nurse holding small childAchieving excellence in caring for your child is a campus-wide effort. Caregivers work together across specialties, clinics and the hospital environment to give your child the safest and most compassionate care possible. We implement the Joint Commission’s annual National Patient Safety Goals throughout the hospital each year. To ensure that we are on track, we measure and compare our results to other pediatric healthcare providers across the country. And we’re always looking for innovative new technology and new ways to improve our processs and achieve the very best outcomes we can for your child.

Patient Satisfaction

The staff of Hoops Family Children's Hospital considers families the most important members of each child’s care team. You may be asked to complete a satisfaction survey conducted by Press Ganey, a national research firm, and your opinions help us measure our performance compared to other pediatric healthcare providers. Your feedback about your stay enables us to identify ways that we can improve the experience for every family we serve.

A Place Designed with Kids in Mind

Your child's illness or injury is frightening for a child and may be overwhelming for you and your family. Our doctors, nurses, health professionals and imaging technicians are experienced at making children more comfortable. At HFCH, we have considered the needs of children and families in designing our spaces and our processes, including kid-friendly furniture and play areas, streamlined registration, a child life program and many special events.

Promoting Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids Play Place, Huntington Mall

Children and families learn about health and wellness when children are patients at Hoops Family Children's Hospital, but our goal is to keep children out of the hospital! That's why the HFCH staff  works with the schools and other partner organizations to bring health and safety information into the community. Look for us at health fairs, and at special events at Pullman Square, the Huntington Mall and local parks and venues.

Honors & Recognition

Every parent wants what's best for their child, and the staff of Hoops Family Children's Hospital works hard to provide excellent care for kids. Along the way, we have earned recognition and affiliations that honor and encourage us in our mission.