Patient Stories

Brenyn Kimball

brenyn kBrenyn Kimball's family feels very much at home at Cabell Huntington Hospital. His sister Alexandra, who as born in April 2005, was the first baby born at Cabell through the in vitro fertilization program. A little more than two years later, her brother Brenyn was born at Cabell as well.

"Both children are miracles, considering the way they came into this world. Alexandra was a miracle because the IVF program was successful, and Brenyn was a miracle because we didn't think we could have a baby on our own," their mother Karyn recounts.

Both Alexandra and Brenyn have been admitted from time to time for common childhood ailments.

"Alexandra was admitted to the Pediatric Unit at seven months old with a rotovirus, and she stayed about three days," said her mother. "Then that Christmas, she was admitted again for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)."

"When Brenyn was about three weeks old, we brought him into the ER because of his breathing," she explained. "He had respiratory distress and a fever, and he was very lethargic."

Brenyn was admitted to the Pediatric Unit and spent about two and a half days there, having more tests and monitoring his symptoms.

"With both children, we have had a lot of experience with the staff," Karyn said. "And from the ER staff to the pediatric nurses to the phlebotomists and the techs, everyone is top-notch. We are looking forward to the new children's hospital so that the facility can reflect the quality of the staff and the programs at Cabell."