Patient Stories

Layla Pack

layla pThree-year-old Layla Pack is a lively, active little girl who loves to talk about Dora the Explorer. One day, she was roughhousing at home and jumping off the furniture, and her foot began to hurt.

"Her right foot and leg were swollen, and I thought she might have broken it," said her mother, Melani Cutright. "We took her to Three Rivers and they sent us to Cabell Huntington."

Layla was admitted to the Pediatric Unit with cellulitis, an acute inflammation of the connective tissue of the skin that is caused by an infection. She stayed in the Pediatric Unit for about nine days, and she got to know and love her caregivers.

"When the nurses and doctors would come in, she'd actually say 'Yay, there's my Doctor Sam' or 'Yay, there’s my nurse,'" her mother explained. "Even when they came to draw blood, Layla was happy about it. What kid actually likes to have blood work done?"

Layla was discharged in time to celebrate her third birthday with family and friends. She continued her treatment at home using a PICC line, a long, very thin, soft plastic tube that is placed in a small blood vessel, and it was removed about two weeks later.

"Layla is doing great," Melani said. "In fact, she wants to go back to Cabell to see 'her friends.' All in all, the doctors, the nurses, the people from the Lab, they were all perfect. They took the time to get to know her and get down to her level, and when they drew her blood, they even gave her Dora the Explorer Band-Aids."