Patient Stories

Brady Preece

brady pTwelve-year-old Camaron Brady Preece is an active boy who likes the outdoors and fishing and is passionate about riding dirt bikes. And it was a dirt bike ride with his father Barry that brought Brady to Cabell Huntington.

Barry and Brady were out for a ride, and they had to cross a narrow dirt road to go back to their house. A car came around the corner and knocked into Brady, flipping him up into the air, down onto the car and then to the ground. The driver was immediately arrested for driving under the influence. The impact was such that Brady's left femur, the largest and strongest bone in the body, was broken. Brady was transported by helicopter to Cabell Huntington Hospital, where he was immediately taken into surgery by an orthopedic specialist.

After about two hours, Brady came out of surgery with pins in his leg and was admitted to the Pediatric Unit, where he stayed for about five days and began physical therapy. He now walks on crutches and is able to swim and to bear some of his weight on his injured leg. The pins will be removed in about two months. According to his stepmother, Brady is healing well and looking forward to the day he can get back on his dirt bike.

"The nurses and doctors were wonderful - just perfect," said his stepmother Debbie. "I can't wait until the children's hospital is built, so there will be more private rooms and a more child-friendly atmosphere. The care here is excellent, and the facility should be as good as the care."