Amenities & Services


The Tri-State Regional Airport is located about nine miles from Hoops Family Children's Hospital, near Exit 1 off I-64. Tri-State Airport is the host of two major carriers: US Airways and Delta Connection. These carriers serve the two hub cities of Charlotte and Cincinnati with more than 700 connecting flights to and from 160 additional cities.


Automatic teller machines are available 24 hours a day on the ground level outside the cafeteria. If you have a problem with your transaction, please call the Credit Union at 304-526-2097 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Beauty Salon

The Beauty Salon is on the 4thFloor. It is open from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Appointments with patients and visitors are welcome, and room service is available for patients who cannot leave their rooms. Please call 304-526-2159 or ext. 2159 from your hospital bedside phone.

Bioethics Consultation

Members of the Bioethics Committee help patients, family and friends identify, analyze and resolve ethical issues related to patient care through information-gathering and discussion. Although the consultants do not make decisions for the people involved, they do offer advice, make recommendations and identify supportable options. Patients, family members and professionals remain responsible for their own decisions. There is no charge for ethics services. To speak to a bioethics consultant, please call 304-526-4860 or ext. 2049 from a hospital phone.

Bus Service

TTA provides transit services Monday through Saturday from 5:45 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. in the Huntington, WV and Ironton, OH urban area. There is no bus service on Sunday. Please call 304-529-RIDE (or 7433) for TTA schedules and information. The telephone number for Dial-A-Ride service for the disabled is 304-529-7700 (WV) and 740-894-7439 (OH). Dial-A-Ride fares are twice the regular fare. Customers with a Medicare card ride for one-half the fare. The TTA Center is located on 4th Avenue at the intersection of 13th Street.


The cafeteria is on the ground floor off the lobby. It is open daily, and the hours are posted. Family members may purchase guest trays to be delivered with the patient's tray. To order a tray, call 304-526-3017. More information and cafeteria menus.


The chapel is on the first floor off the Cabell Huntington Hospital lobby. Services are offered on special occasions as posted. The chapel remains open during the day so that family members may spend a few quiet moments in reflection.


Chaplains are available to support you and your family during your stay. Let your nurse know if you would like a pastoral visit, or call ext. 3730 from any hospital phone..

Coffee Bar (Perk Place)

The coffee bar is located on the ground level in the atrium across from the hospital gift shop. Coffee, juice and pastries are available Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.


If you have questions or concerns, the first step is to discuss them with your nurse. If the issue isn't resolved to your satisfaction, other resources available to you include:

  • Nurse Manager: Contact your unit’s nurse manager using the extension posted in your room. At night and during the weekend, call ext. 2253 for the nursing supervisor.
  • Charge Nurse and Unit Clinical Coordinator: Please call ext. 2253k to speak to either of them.
  • Patient Relations: Call ext. 2273.

You are also welcome to email your compliments or concerns using the website's Contact Us link.


Mail is delivered daily to inpatient rooms. Stamps may be purchased at the Credit Union on the ground floor near the cafeteria or using the stamp machine in the atrium near the Gift Shop. Outgoing mail may be placed in the mailbox outside the entrance. Patients and staff can also receive free ecards.


From Charleston, WV

  • Take I-64 West to Hal Greer Blvd - Exit 11
  • Make a right turn onto Route 10
  • Route 10 will become Hal Greer Blvd
  • Go through two lights and turn right at the third light onto the Marshall University Health Sciences Campus.
  • On campus you will find Hoops family Children's Hospital, Cabell Huntington Hospital, the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Marshall University Medical School and several satellite facilities.

From Ashland, KY

  • Take I-64 East to Hal Greer Blvd - Exit 11
  • Make a left turn onto Route 10
  • Route 10 will become Hal Greer Blvd
  • Go through two lights and turn right at the third light
  • On campus you will find the Hoops Family Children's Hospital, Cabell Huntington Hospital, the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Marshall University Medical School and several satellite facilities.


Family and friends may send electronic greeting cards to inpatients and staff. Ecards are printed and delivered by a volunteer Monday through Friday.

Gift Shops

An Added Touch, the main hospital gift shop, is located on the ground floor in the Cabell Huntington Hospital atrium. For more information, call 304-526-2114. A second, smaller shop called The Children's Depot is on the Fifth Floor in the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital. For more information, call 304-399-1644.

Hearing-Impaired Services

Deaf-Talk is a communication system to facilitate understanding between healthcare professionals and the deaf. DT Interpreting is an interpreting/translating service from English to 150 other languages. To use Deaf Talk or DT Interpreting, please speak to the nurse.


Area hotels have graciously provided a hospital rate for family members of our patients. Please call any local hotel and ask for the hospital rate. If the hotel asks you for a letter from the hospital, you can receive one by calling Clinical Resource Management at 304-526-2090 during regular business hours. After hours and on weekends, please call the nursing supervisor at 304-526-2253. Special lodging is also available for family members of patients under certain circumstances.

Ronald McDonald House of Huntington

The Ronald McDonald House is located directly behind Cabell Huntington Hospital, on the other side of the Dialysis Center. It is a house where parents and siblings of pediatric patients can stay for a small fee while the child is receiving care at the hospital. Families who live more than 50 miles away from the hospital are eligible to stay there. Referrals to the Ronald McDonald House are made by physicians, nurses and clinical resource coordinators. Parents may contact the Ronald McDonald House directly, but the house manager will verify the need for a room by contacting the hospital. For more information, please call 304-529-1122.

Jeffrey George Comfort House

The Comfort House provides temporary lodging for relatives and supporting friends of seriously ill adult patients and qualified adult patients who live more than 50 miles from Huntington. Patients are referred from several area hospitals, and the house offers lodging for a small fee to relatives and friends who fit the guidelines. It has handicapped-accessible rooms and is located a few miles from the campus of Cabell Huntington Hospital. For more information, call 304-522-1832.


Housekeepers wear blue uniforms. A member of the Housekeeping staff will clean your room daily. Housekeeping wants to make certain you are very satisfied with the cleanliness of the hospital. You may reach them at ext. 2034 from any hospital phone.


For information about the Cabell Huntington Hospital that is not listed here, please call 304-526-2000 or ext. 2000 from a hospital bedside phone.

Lost & Found

Security keeps any items found on campus. Please contact Security to inquire about missing items or found items by calling 304-526-2223.

Medical Records

Medical records of patients treated at the Hoops Family Children's Hospital are maintained in the Health Information Management Department located on the ground level of Cabell Huntington Hospital. If you would like to request copies of your medical records, please complete an Authorization To Use/Disclose Health Information. This form can be downloaded or obtained from the Health Information Management Department in person or mailed/faxed to you if it's more convenient; just provide us with a fax number or mailing address.

In Person: To request your records in person, please come to the Health Information Management Department located on the ground level of the hospital. Please bring a picture ID to prove your identity.

By Mail or Fax: To request your records by mail, please download and complete the Authorization To Use/Disclose Health Information. Be sure to have your signature notarized if you are not returning the form in person. You may fax your notarized request to 304-526-2012. You will be contacted if pre-payment is required. See applicable fees below. Mail forms to:

Cabell Huntington Hospital
ATTN: Health Information Management
1340 Hal Greer Boulevard
Huntington, WV 25701

Fees and Processing

Records being sent directly to a physician or healthcare provider are free of charge. All other copies will be billed through our copying service at a $10 retrieval fee plus 75¢ per page. Kindly allow approximately 10 days for records processing.

If you need additional information, feel free to call the Health Information Management Department Correspondence Section at 304-526-2259.


You can buy daily editions of The Herald-Dispatch from the machine near the front entrance. Magazines are for sale in the Gift Shop.


Free parking for visitors and patients is available in lots next to and behind the hospital. See the parking map. Please do not park in reserved parking areas or in specially designated spots. Be sure to turn off your headlights and lock your doors. If you need an escort to your car, call Security at 304-526-2223. Courtesy shuttle service is available on campus from the parking lot to the entrance and from the entrance to the parking lot. For your convenience, you are invited to use our free valet parking service, which is available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. under the entrance canopy. To contact the valet, please call ext. 2555 from any hospital phone.

Patient Accounts

General billing questions can be addressed by calling 304-526-2175. If you wish to speak to a financial counselor about a payment plan, please call 304-526-6344.

Patient Advocate

If you have questions or concerns about the course of your treatment at Cabell Huntington Hospital, please call our patient representative at 304-526-2273.

Patient Information

Unless a request has been made that the patient will remain confidential, friends and family members may call 304-526-2111 to get general information (room and phone numbers) about a patient. Specific information about a patient’s health condition cannot be provided over the telephone.

Patient Satisfaction Phone Survey

When you get home, you may receive a call from Press Ganey, asking you to complete a brief survey over the telephone about the service and care received during the hospital stay. Press Ganey is acting on our behalf. Please take a few minutes to answer the interviewer’s questions. Your feedback helps us understand ways that we can better serve patients and visitors.

Personal Belongings

You are responsible for all articles in your possession. To ensure safe keeping of your belongings, please send valuables, jewelry, money, credit cards, checkbooks or anything else of value home with a family member. If that is not possible, valuables may be locked in Security until discharge. Please ask your nurse to help make arrangements.

For the health and safety of everyone, the hospital also reserves the right to remove or request that you remove items that are prohibited on campus property from your possession, including:

a. Weapons (including firearms) and objects that can be used as weapons (knives, box cutters, straight razors, etc.)

b. Contraband and illegal substances

c. Home medications and herbal remedies

d. Cigarettes, cigars, matches and other smoking items


Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are committed to improving the health and wellness of our patients through quality pharmaceutical care. The inpatient pharmacy employs state-of-the-art automation and technology to prepare and deliver optimal drug therapy to our patients of all ages. The pharmacy’s computer system uses sophisticated error detection software and bar-code technology that identifies and prevents potential medication errors and adverse drug interactions. Patients receive their medication in individualized “unit of use” dosage forms specifically tailored to their needs. Our clinical pharmacists often work with nurses and physicians to assist in the selection and dosing of medications at the patient’s bedside.


Several fast food restaurants are on Hal Greer Boulevard within walking distance of the hospital, including McDonald's, Tudor's, El Ranchito and GD Ritzy's.

Safety Drills

The staff rehearses fire and other emergency evacuation procedures on a regular basis. Do not be alarmed if you hear fire alarms or observe other safety procedures. You will be informed in the event of a real emergency. Because safety drills are not announced, it is important that the elevators not be used during any period when the fire alarms are sounding.


Let the charge nurse know if you are leaving the unit. Be aware of your surroundings. All hospital employees wear ID badges. Report anything suspicious to the charge nurse. Security officers are on duty at all times to help you with safety/security concerns. To contact security, please call 304-526-2223.


To protect the health of patients, visitors, employees, physicians and volunteers, and to comply with local clean air regulations, the entire Marshall University Health Sciences Campus and all facilities are tobacco free. Patients who experience difficulty refraining from smoking should consult with their physician, who may be able to recommend substitutes during their stay. Patients who do not comply with the policy will be reminded of the tobacco-free policy by the hospital staff. Anyone interested in getting help to stop smoking are invited to enroll in Cabell Huntington Hospital’s smoking cessation program by calling 304-399-2881.

Snack Bar

A vending machine snack bar is open 24 hours a day. You will find it on the ground level across from the elevators near the north side of the hospital. The vending machines are stocked with snack foods and hot and cold beverages.


Please call Yellow Cab at 304-529-7131.


Because cell phones may interfere with the functioning of some hospital equipment, there are restrictions on using them in parts of the facility. Please check with a staff member to be sure cell phone use is permitted in the area before turning your telephone on. Public coin and credit card-operated telephones are in the atrium near the Harless Auditorium.

Local calls from your hospital room may be made at no charge by dialing 9 + 304 + the number. All long distance calls should be billed to a credit card or to your home phone number. They may not be charged to your hospital account. Dial “0” to speak to the hospital operator, if needed.


For your entertainment, a variety of programming is offered in all rooms. The staff will teach you how to use your television controls. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Video game systems are available on the pediatrics units and pediatric oncology.

Translation Services

Cabell Huntington Hospital has access to interpreters who offer sign language for individuals with hearing disabilities and who provide interpretation for more than 100 languages. Please ask a staff member for assistance or call 304-526-2090.

Valet Parking

Free valet parking is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. under the canopy in front of the hospital and at the main entrance of the Marshall University Medical Center. Please call 304-526-2555 or 2223.

Vending Machines

Vending machines stocked with snack foods and hot and cold beverages can be found on the ground floor opposite the elevators or near the Emergency Department waiting room on the first floor.


Wheelchairs are available near each entrance to the complex. Please pull your car up under the canopy and tell the security guard, transportation attendant or valet that you need a wheelchair.

Wireless Internet

To help patients and visitors maintain connections with family and their regular routine, free wireless internet is available throughout the facility. Simply look for the network name CHHPatientInternet on your WiFi-enabled device.