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Specialized Care for Special Kids

Father and son play basketballLong ago, the medical community offered children the same care and treatment they gave adults. Over the last century, caregivers came to understand that there are fundamental differences between kids and adults that are critical to the way care is provided, and specialized training is needed to diagnose and treat ill and injured children.

Pediatrics is a specialty for medical providers who focus only on the care of children. Pediatricians have the training, expertise and equipment to assess and manage children's development and minor illnesses and injuries as they grow. This enables them to treat children from infancy until the age of 18, offering great continuity of care. Because they focus on preventing childhood disease and disability, they stay current in the latest developments in children's care and treatment.


Pediatric neurology is a subspecialty of pediatrics. Shown here is pediatric neurologist Mitzi Payne, MD, with a patient.

While pediatrics is a specialty in its own right, some pediatricians choose specialties within the field. For example, neonatologists care for premature and critically ill full-term infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU. Other pediatricians might specialize in pediatric neurology, infectious diseases or cardiology. The Hoops Family Children's Hospital is proud of the dedicated pediatricians and pediatric specialists on our staff. Our goal is to provide quality, comprehensive, patient-centered medical care to all children— from those with typical development to those with special needs who require more complex care.