Pediatric Emergency Care

Emergency Department Waiting Area

The Emergency Department at Cabell Huntington Hospital admits children to the Hoops Family Children's Hospital as appropriate. Because a visit to the Emergency Department can be a frightening experience for both children and parents, here is some information about the process that may help you feel more at ease.

Sign In

The first step is to sign in at the window so the staff knows you are here for treatment as well as the nature of your health concern.


The first person your child will see is the triage nurse, who assesses each patient's condition and prioritizes them according to their clinical urgency. This means that, although you may have arrived before other patients, you may not necessarily be treated before them. For example, regardless of who arrived first, a child with severe burns will be treated before a child with a rash. Our goal is to keep waiting times short, and you will be given updates as often as possible. If you think that your child's condition is worsening and he or she needs immediate care, please let the nurse know.

Treatment Area

After triage, you and your child will be escorted to a treatment room for medical care. A nurse will take your child's medical history and answer your questions. Then your child will be evaluated by a physician, who will determine the treatment plan for your child. If necessary, blood work and other tests such as X-rays may also be performed. To keep young patients at ease, parents are encouraged to stay with their children.


The registration clerk will obtain basic information and verify insurance information at the bedside in the treatment room.   

Treatment Plan

The physician will discuss your child's treatment plan with you. If your child requires admission to the hospital, the purpose of the admission will be explained.

Going Home

When your child is ready to go home, you will be given discharge instructions and any prescriptions that have been ordered, as well as any recommendations for follow-up care. Information about your child's visit to the ED will be forwarded to his or her primary care physician. If you don't have a primary care physician, we'll be glad to refer you to one.

Hospital Admission

If your child is admitted, he or she will stay in the Pediatric Unit, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Fast Facts about the Emergency Department

  • Critically ill patients are always the priority, regardless of who has been waiting longer.
  • We're open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • No appointments are necessary.
  • We cannot give medical advice over the telephone. Feel free to come to the Emergency Department at any time or call your primary care physician for medical advice.
  • Both parents may stay with young children.
  • Interpreters are available by phone.