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Attend the Artisans Express Unveiling May 9

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See the finished trains displayed all together for the first and only time, before they are moved to display locations throughout the city.

April 2015 Events on Campus

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Learn more about current health issues or conditions affecting you or your family by attending a special event or support group on campus this month.

Support MU's THUNDER Dance Marathon

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This event will raise funds for children affected by chronic medical conditions and for Hoop's Family Children's Hospital!

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Meet our Kids

Every child is unique, and so are the circumstances that bring them to Hoops Family Children's Hospital. Their stories offer reassurance to the parents of other ill and injured children, and help visitors understand the nature of the care we provide. If you would like to share your child's story, let us know.

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Madison Riggio
Read Madison's story

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Brady Preece
Read Brady's story

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Brenyn Kimball
Read Brenyn's story

Meeting a Milestone

The Hoops Family Children's Hospital's newly designed and decorated Pediatric Intensive Care Unit opened March 26, 2015. It includes 10 bright and spacious patient rooms that are fully equipped for critically ill and injured children, an expanded nurses' area and two specialized isolation rooms.