Patient & Family-Centered Care

At Hoops Family Children's Hospital, we know that each child is unique. As someone with a  deep knowledge and understanding of your child, you are a valuable part of the healthcare team. Our philosophy is based on two-way communication and sharing timely, complete and accurate information so you can take part in decision-making and care. By working together, we can provide the best care possible for your little one. This collaborative approach is called patient and family-centered care.

Patient and family-centered care is based on the understanding that the family plays a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of the patient. The goal is to create partnerships among healthcare practitioners, patients and families that will lead to the best outcomes and enhance the quality and safety of health care.

The Parent's Role

Sharing information and observations about your child with caregivers and learning about your child’s treatments, medications and procedures helps to create a partnership with the healthcare team that keeps your child safe. Tell your child's care provider anything you think could be helpful. Your feedback and observations are important. Other suggestions include:

  • Write down your questions and concerns so that none of them are overlooked or forgotten.
  • Medical terminology may not be familiar to you. Ask the staff to spell or say something in a different way if what they are saying is not clear.
  • If more information about your child's condition, illness or injury would be helpful, ask the staff how or where you can get it.
  • Let the staff know if you need to take a break. Conversations about your child’s health can produce anxiety and feel overwhelming or tiring.
  • Let the staff know if you feel you need more privacy.
  • Approach any member of the care team if you see something that does not seem right. Express any concerns clearly and respectfully.
  • The care provider should explain what will be done with the information you provide. Repeat back what was said to ensure you both have a clear understanding of what will happen next.
  • Feel comfortable asking if follow-up occurred as planned, If not, ask again. Trust your instincts, and be persistent until you are satisfied the situation is resolved.
  • If your child sees multiple services or specialists, feel free to communicate changes in your child’s condition or treatment plan to all providers. This helps ensure that changes in treatment for one condition don’t conflict with ongoing treatment for other conditions.
  • Care providers will confirm your child’s full name and date of birth several times throughout the hospital stay. Please be patient with this safety precaution, which is in place to ensure that each patient receives the proper medication, test or procedure.
  • If you're ever unsatisfied with the response of the staff, ask for the charge nurse, nursing supervisor or patient experience manager.