Emergency Medicine

This specialty focuses on medical treatment for critically injured children and/or children with severe or life-threatening conditions that require immediate attention to preserve life or stabilize health. Physicians in the Emergency Department provide care for a wide array of acute illnesses, injuries and critical situations affecting infants, children and adolescents, such as:

  • a child struck by an automobile
  • a teen with an asthma attack
  • a victim of child abuse
  • a jaundiced newborn with a fever
  • a hypothermic child after a near-drowning episode

The staff is experienced in stabilizing and managing critically and acutely ill children experiencing problems such as respiratory distress, fever, fractures, laceration repair, abdominal pain, vomiting, dehydration and/or seizures. Communication with parents is a key part of the process, and compassionate professionals keep the family informed and facilitate appropriate follow-up.